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Want a Bonus? Read the Fine Print

Bonuses are always a good thing, right? Wrong! When playing at online casinos, it's important to remember that many bonuses come with restrictions. That's why it is important to read the small print to learn the special terms and conditions that might apply to the bonus.

Gambling Requirements

As mentioned above, it's important to read all of the small print and terms and conditions for bonuses. Most bonuses have requirements attached to them. For example, a 200% welcome bonus may only become available to you after you play for at least $1,000. In some bonuses, players may find they have to spend at least 20 times the joint amount of the bonus and initial deposit to get the bonus back. Basically, you may find that you have to spend money, lots of money, in order to make money.

Other Restrictions and Requirements

Some casinos may restrict players from certain countries from applying for a bonus. Unfortunately, it is up to the players to learn whether or not restrictions apply to their country before signing up for the bonus. There are also some gaming restrictions for bonuses. Some online casinos also restrict players from playing blackjack with their bonuses. And, other casinos might limit bonuses to one game type only, such as slots.

Read the Fine Print: Sticky Bonuses

Casinos have money to make, so bonuses always have strings attached. A sticky bonus means a bonus will stick to a player's account until that amount is lost in play. The bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account, and if a player tries to withdraw it, the bonus is automatically lost.

Thinking about taking an online casino up on their bonus offer? The best new online casinos are free at the site. Why don't you try the venue? The opportunities are endless. You can win a trophy in the form of a massive prize and collect the cash. You can also play some of the best games from the past as well as some new titles. Read the fine print, and keep the rules above in mind before accepting the terms and conditions.