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Roulette Wheel Dealers

Avid roulette players looking for any viable chance to get an edge in this game often look for biased roulette wheels where they feel they can better predict the results. A bias on a roulette wheel can be created in two ways. Though not reliable, these biases could in theory give the player an advantage if he or she was able to accurately assess the situation. Looking for a different version of the game then, play roulette online here.

Roulette Wheel Bias

A roulette wheel bias refers to a roulette wheel that spins in an uneven manner. This causes the wheel to hit on certain numbers more than others. A biased wheel wouldn't hit evens or odds, or reds or black more because these spots are evenly distributed throughout the wheel. What would happen is that a certain section of the roulette wheel would come up more often in the spins. It takes about 4,000 spins to detect a bias enough to really be able to bet on it.

Dealer Signatures

Dealer signatures can also bias the roulette wheel in one way or another. A dealer signature is when a seasoned dealer has developed a certain method of spinning the wheel that is exactly the same every time. This type of bias is most often found with very experienced dealers who have been working at the game for a long time. Again, it takes about 4,000 spins to detect the dealer's bias. Considering that the dealer you're watching will not be on duty for that many spins in one sitting, this can be a very difficult bias to track.

If you feel that you have detected a reliable bias, the best method of play is to place bigger bets on single numbers or small sections of the wheel to maximize your winnings. Unlike the slot machines, which are mechanized, the roulette wheel can have small variables that give you an edge when you're able to find them.